A lofty edifice towards a bright future It is passed down from generation to generation

The sun shone in serenity.. It lit up minds and warmed hearts.. It moved the fingers of goodness.. To sign a bright future on pages of light.. And it crossed bright lines on the pages of history to say to the far and near: Actions precede words...

The values that make up our school

Our values, which are based on responsibility, honesty and creativity, express the beliefs that positively affect our behavior and the way we interact with others. They represent the deepest beliefs and feelings that we can aspire to in Al Majd Schools.

American diploma

It is a leading international educational system accredited by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that mainly adopts the English language in teaching scientific subjects, and as an essential tool for communication, with great interest in teaching national identity subjects in Arabic.
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Schools have paid great attention to this section because it is the first building block in education, and therefore it was keen to provide a selection of creative teachers in raising and teaching children so that they would be ripe fruits in the future, God willing.
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It is the course that studies the Ministry of Education’s courses from the primary stage to the secondary stage. Schools have dedicated a constellation of distinguished teachers with long experience to it to bring their students to the optimal and distinctive education that prepares for excellence and creativity.
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It is an independent department, and the schools have dedicated to it a group of distinguished teachers with great experiences in education to chart the steps of excellence and creativity for their students, knowing that within the department the course of the year is taught from primary to secondary school and the course of memorization.
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It is a course that pays unparalleled attention to Islamic studies, especially the Noble Qur’an, recitation and memorization, along with other subjects prescribed by the Ministry, in order to achieve the desires of students who love this path and excel in it in both the elementary and intermediate levels.
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early childhood

It is a track that pays unparalleled attention to teaching methods and innovative curricula, building an integrated evaluation system for the child, and quality training programs, while ensuring the psychological stability of children by assigning the primary classes (boys) to female teachers because of their high ability to contain the child.
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Eye on creativity
Glory has produced generations that are proud of them and everyone is proud of them.. Among them are doctors, engineers, officers, and teachers, they are referred to in all walks of life, and they cherish in their meetings and retreats in the schools of glory, appreciating what I have given them.. I planted a blessed planting, God willing.

General Manager's welcome

Al-Majd National Schools are distinguished from others by an elite group and a distinguished basket of qualified teachers who are rarely matched at the level of schools in the city of Riyadh, and this is only thanks to God for the good selection, qualification and training that is concerned with the level of schools, and it has been keen to keep pace with development, modernization and renewal

Bandar bin Abdulrahman Al-Sulaiman

General Director of Schools

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First steps to creativity

school facilities

Al Majd Private Schools provides world-class facilities for more than four students, who learn together in modern and advanced facilities in the latest style of the twenty-first century. The school was established in the year one thousand four hundred and eight after migration. Al-Majd National School welcomes students from kindergarten to the third secondary grade with multiple curricula and tracks.

Al-Majd Sports Club

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Talent and Creativity Club

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robot club

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Warraf Educational Projects
Al-Majd Private Schools adopted the idea of building a (Warf Program), which ensures continuity and comprehensiveness, and keeps pace with everything new through a number of controlled renewable projects, which guarantee the quality of teaching and learning led by a team of educational experts.
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نفـخر بالعمل مع شركائنا

What do the people say? And the students are about us

All reviews are collected regularly from Google and social media sites.

Khuder AlBarraq
Khuder AlBarraq
Via Google Maps
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My secondary school graduated from it in 1431 AH, and I thank God that I graduated from it because it qualified me and prepared me for the fierce competition in the preparatory year at King Saud University, where there are the best and elite students of Riyadh scientifically from all schools, and even the Kingdom as a whole, and there is no place except for smart minds and higher grades.
المهرة الشويعر
Mahra Shuwaier
via google
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Whoever does not thank people does not thank God, my love for you, diploma of glory, and God is more than wonderful, educationally and administratively, our luck in you. My daughter has never loved her old school.
Hoka Boka
Hoka Boka
via google
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The American diploma department for girls once went crazy. I advise everyone to teach, entertain, and English. My neighbor advised me about it, and I liked it once. The director, God bless you, is wonderful in the sense of the word, cooperative and very organized, and the teachers, God willing, are for them
خالد علي
Khaled Ali
local guide
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Indeed, one of the best schools Outstanding teaching staff Great building, cleanliness to a high standard My son in the primary stage was founded by the virtuous teacher (Mohamed Khalifa), the truth and the yes of the teacher
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